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Event Info :: VIP Tables

"Upgrade" Your OSS Experience with VIP
"We had an awesome time... Two thumbs up for one of the best events in the ATL..."
(very happy B-Day Package customer after their experience )
Book Now. We sell out FAST.
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Note: Payment details and options are found on next page (after you submit with button above). Tickets will be delivered in advance via email to your inbox. You shall be responsible for distributing tickets to your guests.



Only $400
(Plus 8.9% sales tax and $10 Convenience Fee)
Package Includes:
  • Ten [10] VIP tickets and VIP wristbands to OSS for you and your guests [tickets shall be sent VIA EMAIL to your inbox]
  • You and your guests enjoy access to our VIP area
  • Access to the VIP BAR (quicker service)
  • A reserved table (7 chairs/seats per table)
  • A Special PHOTO on our OSS Screens with a VIP shout out
  • One [1] bottle of Champagne
  • Special photo ops w/ our event photographers
Only sold ONLINE in advance---Not sold at the events (thanks for understanding)
Please Note:
  1. This page is just an "ORDER/REQUEST" page...to get in the queue (not confirmed until payment is received).
  2. We do not have any packages with LESS than 10 tickets
  3. If you need MORE tickets, you will be able to purchase VIP upgrades at the event ($20 per person). Other guests will need to purchase a standard general admission individual ticket to enter the event first---and then upgrade once inside the event.
  4. No outside food & no out side beverages are permitted---thank you.
  5. Additional champagne bottles are available for sale at the event if needed/interested.
  6. Food items are only sold at a minority of our venues. Most of our events have no food purchase options.
Note #1:
You may NOT bring any food or beverages into the property.
Note #2:
Guests are NOT permitted to bring any gifts or packages with them (for security and compliance reasons). It is your responsibility to communicate this in advance with your guests.
Note #3:
Thank you for making your guests aware of our dress code (info easy to find on this website in several locations).

Note About Chairs Per Table:

We deliberately provide 7 chairs per table in our VIP area (even though your package includes 10 tickets).
  1. This has been our policy for 5 years or longer.
  2. This is done primarily for safety and comfort reasons.
  3. This provides additional room for all to enjoy the VIP area without feeling overcrowded.
  4. Most guests are standing, dancing, and mingling during our events anyway.
  5. We are not a "sit down" formal type of affair (smile).
  6. It is extremely rare for all 10 guests in a party to desire a seat at the same time (give the nature of our energetic environment and atmosphere).
  7. Seven (7) chairs has proven to be more than enough for a few thousand very satisfied VIP guests over the past few years (they have still enjoyed their OSS Experiences tremendously.