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OSS Music Requests

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Music @ OSS is always
SoundTrack of Your Life"
80s and 90s Classics

Please let our TALENTED DJs know what you want to hear from BACK IN THE DAY (1980s, 1990s). If your suggestion is strong, they'll try their best to dig 'em up from their crates...or search the web for the MP3s....so they can rock your tracks at OSS!!!
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Friendly Reminder & Clarification:
1980s & 1990s music at our immensely popular OSS Events. We respect & love music from all eras , but we can't be all things to all people...hence, we focus on those TWO decades.

If you are looking for music from TODAY'S era, we are
NOT the event for you. Likewise, if you are looking for music from the 70s or 60s, we are NOT the event for you either (big smile).

Thanks for helping to spread the word, clear up confusion, and prevent the disappointment of some patrons that may have other "expectations." We simply want people to know that we are all about THE 1980s and 1990S...so they know what to expect at OSS. :)
Our Talented DJs:

Urban Legends (Tron & LV)

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