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Licensing Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in our successful and popular
“OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY”® events. We launched this entertaining concept in 2003 and we've received many inquiries about expanding in other markets over the years. We are excited about growing OSS via licensing relationships.
Our Company:
  • OLD SCHOOL, LLC (OSLLC) is the company and driving force behind the successful and popular “OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY”® events (OSS).
  • OSLLC has leveraged their marketing, branding, and the event experience to embrace all that is considered “OLD SCHOOL” to our diverse, urban audience.
  • OSLLC has successfully tapped into an enthusiastic “retro nostalgia” for 1980s music, fashion, and culture.
Our Flagship Event:
  • “Best Thing To Do On Saturday Night”: Atlanta Magazine (Dec-2006)
  • Description: OSS is a large, private party/event hosted at upscale locations and venues.
  • Guests enjoy a diverse party environment with music they love and remember from yesteryear.
  • The festive atmosphere also includes dancing,
    mingling, cash bars, lounge areas, VIP sections, birthday celebrations, and extensive sound, light, and video production.
  • The OSS tagline/motto is: "ALL Old School Music. ALL Night. ALL That."
  • Attendance: Over 30,000 persons attend OSS per year.

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