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About Our OSS Events:

Old School Saturday® ["OSS"] is produced every month (sometimes more than once in the same month). If you ask around, you'll hear from others that we are the GOLD STANDARD in "old school" events...period.

Since 2003, we have proudly delivered one of the VERY BEST "EVENT" experiences around. The tagline/motto is "ALL Old School Music. ALL Night. ALL That." Our DJs deliver the music we all remember that covers the 80s, and 90s [nothing newer than that]. In fact, the music is essentially "The Soundtrack of Your Life." You'll love the trip down memory lane as you remember the words & hooks to almost every song...including R&B, Hip-Hop, House Music, Reggae, and more. OSS Events may be scheduled on ANY Saturday of the month---not always the same one...so check the website or join the e-list to stay informed.

Our patrons & supporters love the fact that our OSS locations change every month. Our popularity has grown at a remarkable rate. Each event attracts over 2500 quality "old schoolers" from the OLD SCHOOL NATION [all ages show up at our events---as long as they LOVE OLD SCHOOL flava].

Please Tell Your Friends:
We are simply called "OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY"® and our events may be scheduled for literally ANY Saturday of the month. The best way to KNOW WHEN is to check our home page and/or join our e-list for the FREE updates.
Additional 4-1-1
Event Name:
Old School Saturday® [OSS]
Monthly "EVENT" w/ Classic Old School Music
(not just a "party"--an EVENT)
Any Saturday Of The Month
(once or twice a month)
9:00 pm - 2:30 am
Different venues every month
(check our website often for updates)
Diverse, Upscale, Urban, Professional Crowd
that LOVES old school music
Age Range:
25-40 is the "average" age range of most attendees
(must be 21 or older to enter property and event)
2500-3000 attendees per event
R&B, Hip-Hop, House, Reggae, Go-Go
(heavy concentration of HIP-HOP)
Eras Covered:
Music from 80s and 90s
DJ Tron and DJ LV

-- NOTE: Prices MAY be adjusted due to venue circumstances. We will always post the most current AND ACCURATE price info on our "Ticket Page" --

Advance Tix:
Available Online or Via Phone.
[click or call---more info]
Dress Code:
No sneakers, No "ath-leisure" shoes, No "sports/club" shoes, No sportswear, No caps, No cargo shorts, No biker gear, No jerseys,
No Negotiations, NO JOKE (smile)
---more dress code info---
OSS is a NON-smoking event
by popular demand & BY LAW!!!
(please don't bother bringing any tobacco products)
Produced By:

Did you know we have extensive FAQs available for your convenience? You'll find many helpful answers to those questions you may have about our crowd-pleasing OSS events.
>> FAQ Page <<
Music Requests
Did you know we welcome your musical requests? Please use our online system to offer input and suggestions for our TALENTED musicologist. Our Resident DJs actually read each request and we sincerely appreciate the input from our OLD SCHOOL NATION.
>> Music Requests <<
Did you know we now offer vendor and exhibitor opportunities at our events? You can set up an exhibit or vendor table at our event and get in front of our attractive demographic (over 2,500 attendees per event) as you generate leads and prospective customers. It is a great way to create valuable exposure for your brand, company, or organization. Additionally, we'll feature your company/logo on the big screens at the event.
>> Vendor/Exhibitor Info <<
Did you know we have opportunities for you to volunteer at our events? Are you an energetic person that likes interacting with other quality members of THE OLD SCHOOL NATION? Do you love OSS events? Are you personable, professional, and positive? Does that sound like you? If so, please consider being a VOLUNTEER at our events.
>> Volunteer Opportunities <<
Birthday Packages
Did you know you can celebrate your B-Day at our events? We've already got one of the best EVENT "EXPERIENCES" in ATL planned and organized...so why not join us? Our event is the PERFECT VENUE & OPPORTUNITY to celebrate another great B-Day... enjoy a quality event... and be entertained with the best music from "The Sound Track Of Your Life" (includes tickets, table, bottle of champagne, VIP access, and your photo on our big screens).
>> Birthday Package Info <<
Did you know we are accepting applications for OSS Licensees/Franchisees so we can expand? We launched this entertaining concept in 2003 and we've received many inquiries about expanding in other markets over the years. We are excited about growing OSS via licensing or franchising relationships.
>> Licensing/Franchising Info <<
Did you know we may schedule an OSS event for "ANY Saturday" of the month---not just on a specific Saturday? Yes, yes, yessssss.... our events may be scheduled on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Saturday (it may change month-to-month).

Our event is simply called "Old School Saturday"
(not O.S. "First Sat, Second Sat, Third Sat"----LOL).

The best way to KNOW WHEN the next event is scheduled is to join our e-list and/or visit our website often (smile).
Official "NAME"
Did you know our OFFICIAL name is simply
(no other words included---haha)
Please help us by CORRECTING YOUR FRIENDS if they make the simple error of calling our event "1st Sat" or "2nd Sat" or any other variation. This will help them to be accurate...and it will help them to AVOID MISSING OUR EVENTS (because they "think" it is scheduled on a specific day of the month---LOL).

In fact, we actually have a United States Federal Trademark registered as:
"Old School Saturday"
(yep, we're THAT serious--smile).
Did you know that buying tickets in advance of our events SAVES YOU MONEY? It is also the smart way to enjoy EXPRESS ENTRY at the door. Buying tickets is easy, safe, secure, and fast. We offer, web, telephone, or retail purchase options. We offer will call, print-at-home tickets, mail delivery, or actually physical tickets as well.
>> Event Tickets <<
Did you know that a portion of our proceeds from our events has gone toward a variety of causes and/or non-profit organizations? Here are a few that we've been able to support...THANKS TO YOU.
AID Atlanta
MLK Memorial
Andrew & Walter Young YMCA
UNICEF Tsunami Relief
Red Cross Katrina Relief
Sickle Cell Foundation
UNICEF Niger Relief
Children's Healthcare Foundation
S.G. Komen Breast Cancer Found.
Hosea Feed The Hungry
Cascade Youth Foundation
Toys For Tots




Helpful Ticket Info:
  1. No Cut-Off Times:  Tickets may be purchased ALL EVENING during event (until 2:00 AM) from this system.
  2. Scan From Phone:  Your tickets WILL SCAN via your smartphone (no need to print --- let's save some trees).
  3. Easy Look-Up:  We can also look up your tickets with your confirmation number or your name at the event.
  4. Valid Name:  It is important to use your correct name as reflected on valid ID in the event we need to locate your tickets (thank you).
  5. Outlet Sales: Please note that we will NO LONGER sell tickets at Whole Foods, CD Warehouse, and other outlets.
  6. Walk-Up Sales at Event: Yes, you may continue to purchase tickets IN PERSON at our events. We welcome walk-up sales via cash and credit at the door.
Minimum Age:
All persons buying tickets and all those attending the event must be 21 years of age or older. Please bring valid government issued ID to the event for admission
Dress Code:
We are "dressy casual"
but NOT be "too casual" (LOL).
Look good, People!!
Dress it UP...Don't Dress Down. Yes, Jeans & denim are OK. :)

More Dress Code Details


We FOCUS PRIMARILY on 1980s & 1990s music at our immensely popular OSS Events. We respect & love music from all eras , but we can't be all things to all people...hence, we focus on those TWO decades. If you are looking for music from TODAY'S era, we are NOT the event for you. Likewise, if you are looking for music from the 70s or 60s, we are NOT the event for you either (big smile). Thanks for helping to spread the word, clear up confusion, and prevent the disappointment of some patrons that may have other "expectations." We simply want people to know that we are all about THE 1980s and 1990S...so they know what to expect at OSS. :)

2006 Honoree

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